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Website Maintenance Services from SixMatics

Why Website Maintenance is Important?

Maintaining a website can be quite time-consuming with all of the technical aspects, small issues become bigger and managing all of your pages to show the right content is challenging, but it’s vital to ensure your website is always up-to-date and running smoothly, because your website is your door to new business. Website Maintenance includes responsibilities such as creating up-to-date content, fixing user experience issues, ensuring all your content shows, your links not opening and your contact form or call to action not connecting with your main email. These are only a handful of challenges that websites experience and that’s why Sixmatics is here to help, because we want you to focus on running your business and not spend hours of your time maintaining your website. Our transparency is key to ensuring your needs a met, so we share our full process. A well-maintained and managed website results in more traffic, clients staying on your website longer and exploring your services, more conversions and ultimately leads for your business. The most rewarding aspect of all is that your website can appear on search engine with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – link to SEO Services.



Traffic is just like when you are on a highway and you look at all the cars passing by. How many of them stop at the gas station? Imagine the gas station is your contact form and the highway is your website. Traffic is the number of unique visitors your website gets. In order to ensure your website can handle all of the coming traffic, it will need to have fast loading speed and great user experience. People like websites that open fast.


Session Duration

Think of it this way, the amount time a visitor spends on your website is an average over all visitors in any given period. Longer sessions tend to happen when your user experience is great and you have interesting content so the user stays engaged.



We know there is no secret that a well-designed website will increase the number of users who inquire about your services or purchase your product. A good example would be how many more people subscribe to Netflix after visiting their homepage than before they arrived at all – this is a conversion. Your website, needs to have a sales funnel and a great Web Design (link to Web Design Page) to retain and convert users.



Lead generating website is vital to ensure your web visitors connect with you and are interested in doing business with your organization.

What does it mean for you?

Maintaining your website is at the core of our values to ensure your visitors remain on it and inquire about your business continuously. Our process is as follows:


SEO Optimization

Your website is the storefront of your organization and it should include all of your services or products in order to attract potential customers to want to contact you. When we design your website, we will equip it with the right tools and capabilities to be able to manage it and continue to acquire new visitors. By including our innovative tools and strategies, your website will rank high on search engines so people can easily find out about your business. Search Engine Optimization works when someone types on Google about a service you offer, your website needs to show at least on the first 3 pages in order for them to choose your business over the next before making an informed decision to work with you. Your website needs to be consistenly analysed and improved in line with Google’s algorithm and your competitors. If you are looking for Search Engine Optimization services, we are here to help.

An updated website shows visitors that you are consistently trying to provide the best services and create their journey a one they will not forget. There are several improvements to your website that need to be considered:



We use our tools to evaluate whether the content on your website is a lot, too little or needs editing. Including, removing or editing the copy on your website can increase readability and make it easy for visitors to stay on your website longer. It can be very effective to show your website on the first 3 pages of Google when people search for the content you have on your pages.


Media (Images, Videos & Illustration)

Including main design components such as photos or videos can drastically improve your user experience and ensure visitors remain on your website. In order to ensure that your images and videos are optimized, they need to be smaller in size and highest possible quality, but to also add an interactive vision to your website.



How your visitors interact with your website is significantly important and creating a seamless and straightforward journey for them is vital. Your website needs to be organised and well-maintained by having all of your content link with each other to help you with the final goal – a conversion.


Appearance Edits

It’s vital for your website to have an appealing journey, but it also needs the right content. Having a website that’s attractive to visitors can help you create an environment for your visitors to inquire about your business. We will ensure to update the look and feel of your site to help your visitors find your services and do business with you.


eCommerce Functionality

This is a great way to increase sales and conversions, as online shopping is on the rise. We will make sure your functionality is working perfectly fine. With our eCommerce maintenance, you will be able to focus on running your business and not spending time on the nitty-gritty functionality of your website. We are here to help you.


Database Integration

Database integration allows users to maintain, control, change and reassemble content on your website. Having your own database can make it easier to manage a list of all visitors and customers who have accessed your website. When it also comes to eCommerce Payments Processing (add a link to Payment Integration) database, we got your back.


Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) is software that is used to manage existing content, as well as create new content allowing multiple people to contribute. This software allows you to add or delete content without knowing how to code. A lot of big businesses use it for marketers to manage their online presence.


Responsive Web Design

With a responsive web design, your website will be able to function seamlessly on any device – from phones and tablets all the way up through desktop computers. We also make sure you will have equal functionality no matter what type of computer or screen setting your visitors are using.

How We Can Help You

We ensure your website runs smoothly so you can focus on running your business and we can focus on maintaining the best experience for your visitors.

Our Website Maintenance Services

Main Maintenance

  • WordPress Management to manage your content effective
  • Contact Forms Integration to send you Automated Email Notifications when people inquire about your services
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Implemented
  • Security and Plugin Updates
  • Redirection Management

Optimization Maintenance

  • SEO Plugins Setup: Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Keywords & Copy
  • Website Security (SSL Certificate/ HTTPS)
  • Google Search Console Indexing and Monitoring
  • Everyday Website Backups
  • Broken Links Audit
  • Creation of Sitemap
  • Submission of Robots.txt to Google Search Console
  • Automated Monthly Web Traffic Reports
  • Custom Website Development Updates
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Website Live Chat Integration
  • Donation Functionality Set Up
  • Automated Email Service

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Mind-blowing results and efficient work approach. Dylan from Sixmatics showed positive intention at the time of creating my website. He also helped me tremendously with my branding an social media. I am now getting compliments for my online presence.

M Friedman


5 Stars Review Clients Six Matics

Sixmatics is a one-stop-shop for all your website needs. We launched our 1st podcast and the help from Dylan has been invaluable. He created the strategy, recommended the best equipment, produced and edited each episode and promoted the podcast on social media.

B Ramirez

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5 Stars Review Clients Six Matics

Thanks so much! My website is now faster and people can find my business on Google. The SEO work done was great. SIxmatics also created over 5 articles for me which helped me to connect with my clients. People still talk about my articles. I really appreciate all your help.

L Harris


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