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What is Search Engine Optimization

Everyday, 5.6 billion searches take place on Google, and 873.9 million on Bing. When people are searching for keywords and phrases related to your business, you should appear on the first page of results, so they open your website and learn about your services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your website visibility so it appears as close to the top of a search as possible when people search terms related to your brand, without the use of paid advertising within the search engine. This is called organic traffic.

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is important as it allows your website to rank on Google. The higher the ranking is, the more traffic you will get, because your website will show at the top of search engine results. This means that you will be able to attract targeted visitors to your website who are actively looking for terms related to your business. Do you remember YellowPages? It’s just like the old methods of going through a YellowPages book to find businesses under a certain category that interested you. You now type in on Google and all businesses that are under your search term (keyword) make the list so your clients can pick and choose. By using the right keywords that describe your business, your business get can on the first page of Google, which will essentially bring new clients to inquire about your services and learn about your business when they access your website.


Increase Traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps your business optimize your digital presence so your potential clients can find you quickly and easily, putting them a step closer to inquiring about your services or purchasing your product. Good Local Search Engine Optimization optimizes your visibility online thus increasing traffic to your website. This essentially means that people see your website and the more people see it, the more traffic you will get. Have you ever looked for “the best restaurant near me” and you see 5-10 places where you can go to in your area – this is SEO, they have done it well. Similar to this, your business needs to have the right SEO presence so it shows in the search results when people search for it on any search engine. To do this, you will need to have targeted keywords describing your business and content identifying what you offer so Google can rank you at the top of their results. You will increase traffic by Keyword analysis & creation, Backlink Building & Content Creation. If your content contains those related words and phrases used by customers, you will increase your visibility because you are providing the answers by specifically utilizing the appropriate keywords, thus increasing the traffic to your website.


Improves Usability

Making your website search engine-friendly is a must to improve usability, because when a user searches a related term to the service you provide, the user will land on your website rather than your competitors and if you combine this with high-quality and useful content, make your website faster and responsive, add links to targeted articles and to your other pages, you will have a successful website together with being at the top of Google search results. Many factors improve usability, but the most common are: straightforward structure and navigation, adding your related keywords on your main pages, include internal and external links and use educational content to attract users and make them convert.


Better Engagement Rates

When your website is optimized, it will bring quality traffic due to its informative nature. If your website promotes useful content that matches what your clients will be looking for on Google or other search engines, it will ultimately lead to more traffic, conversions and increased Return on Investment (ROI). When a new visitor finds your website useful, they will most likely inquire about your services creating new business for you. This will lead to customer trust and long-term revenue due to returning users. To improve your user engagement rate, you can start with your Meta Descriptions, Page Titles and ensuring you have a mobile-friendly website, because more than half of users online are now using their mobile phones to look for services. Boldentity’s article is quite useful to understand SEO in a simple way.


Competitive Advantage

Your competitors providing similar services or products will also be investing in SEO, meaning you should be exploring new strategies to keep your business competitive. Businesses that invest in SEO rank higher in search engine results and improve market share. For example, if you search for “real estate developers” in your area, you will find hundreds of companies, however only a few will show on the first page of Google and this is because they continue to optimize their strategy with the newest keywords customers are looking for to show at the top of search results. This combined with quality and engaging content will make you rank higher and acquire those new customers increasing your online reputation. As a first step, identify what your competitors are doing and where you can gain competitive advantage. Then most importantly, your website has fast loading speed and is mobile-friendly, make the best content possible, and focus on providing the best and straightforward user experience. This is where SixMatics can help and ensure that you apply all of the above important aspects of SEO.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

We provide Facebook Ads management services and support that you can rely on, empowering your business to reach new heights. With over one decade of experience in advertising, web development, and design, we are perfectly positioned to help your brand succeed. We know Facebook Ads like the back of our hand.

Whether you’re looking for someone to manage your Facebook Ads account from start to finish, or just need some help getting started, we can assist you. We’ll work with you to create an advertising campaign that is tailored to your specific goals and budget.


Keyword Research

In order for your website to appear at the top of customers’ searches, we will do a thorough content analysis backed by research. We examine all of the factors that will help you get on the first page of search engines while doing our keyword research. Our research involves the popular and not-so-popular keywords that convert and long-tail keywords that will lead to traffic that is highly likely to convert into a sale or an inquiry about your business by your potential clients. Together with this, we research your market and industry to create relevant, valuable and useful content that will rank your business on search engines.

Keywords make up the foundation of a search query because they are simple indications of the actual content or information that the searcher is looking for. If you are a business owner in Boston who is trying to reach customers through their Google searches, it is absolutely essential that you understand their online behaviors, starting with the keywords that they use in order to find services like yours. If you make the best cakes in Boston, then when people search “best cakes in Boston”, they should be able to find your website, but what about people who are searching for “bakery and coffee in downtown Boston”? In addition to your focus keyword, we will also do a thorough analysis to find all of the related keywords people search for in order to create a successful SEO strategy.


On-Site SEO Optimization

After our keyword research stage, we will do a detailed analysis of your website in order to ensure your website is shown to the right customers on search engine by applying on-site SEO Optimization. This means building a website that will rank higher than your competitors due to applying SEO tools and techniques directly to your pages. We will analyse and build the following:

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alternative Text on Images
  • Rename Images
  • Decrease Size of Images
  • Marketing Content
  • Robots.txt file to be submitted to Search Engines
  • HTTPS for security and trust
  • Page Speed for maximum user engagement
  • Page Slugs
  • Redirections of all your pages
  • Linking
  • Keyword Matching
  • Readability Levels
  • Quality Scores

Good UX (User Experience) creates straightforward and clear funnels users can follow in order to reach the final action they want to achieve, whether they are looking to purchase your product, inquire about your service or sign up for your mailing list. The above steps are essential to ensuring your website ranks on search engines and your clients click on your website.


Content Creation and Display

We then take on all of our research and start creating your content by ensuring the content on your page is useful so it can rank higher and to your potential clients starting from your content length on each page, dublicated content, and creating unique copy so your website ranks. We develop high quality and engaging content that is personalized to your target audience and lands you on Google and other search engines by including all of the keywords we have analyzed. If you are looking for solely Content Creation services, we are also here to help!

A few types of content we create are as follows:


Analyze Performance

With our powerful tools such as Google Analytics & Google Search Console, we will create a dashboard for your website to analyse your website’s SEO and ensure that it continues to rank on Google. We will create a personalized report for your business to monitor all of your results and rest assured, we will always be there to help you on the way.

How We Can Help You

We ensure your website runs smoothly so you can focus on running your business and we can focus on maintaining the best experience for your visitors.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services

Technical SEO

  • Technical Website Analysis: PageSpeed Analysis, Site Health
  • Google Search Console Indexing & Monitoring
  • Verify SSL Certificate – HTTPS security
  • Fast DNS
  • XML Sitemap Creation and Submission
  • Page Load Speed Optimization
  • Mobile-Friendly Website Check
  • Image File Size Optimization
  • Redirects for Crawl Errors
  • Major Errors that prevent your website to show on search engines

On-Page SEO

  • On-Site SEO
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Internal Linking
  • External Linking
  • Page Titles / Title Tags
  • Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3 to ensure they have your keywords)
  • Alt Attributes / Alternative Text on Images
  • Image File Names
  • Redirect Errors
  • URL Structure Optimization

Content SEO

  • Keyword Research
  • Related Keyword Optimization
  • E-A-T Google Guideline Content: Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness
  • Landing Page Creation: Services, Products, Service Areas
  • Optimization of Existing Landing Pages
  • Optimization of Existing Articles / Blogs
  • Blogs / Article Writing
  • Content Layout Optimization
  • Internal Link Optimization
  • External Link Optimization

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Our team delivers high-quality marketing strategies that drive real results for businesses of all industries and sizes across the United States & UK.

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Mind-blowing results and efficient work approach. Dylan from Sixmatics showed positive intention at the time of creating my website. He also helped me tremendously with my branding an social media. I am now getting compliments for my online presence.

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5 Stars Review Clients Six Matics

Sixmatics is a one-stop-shop for all your website needs. We launched our 1st podcast and the help from Dylan has been invaluable. He created the strategy, recommended the best equipment, produced and edited each episode and promoted the podcast on social media.

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5 Stars Review Clients Six Matics

Thanks so much! My website is now faster and people can find my business on Google. The SEO work done was great. SIxmatics also created over 5 articles for me which helped me to connect with my clients. People still talk about my articles. I really appreciate all your help.

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