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Voices from the Middle Podcast

podcast production services by SixMatics

The Objective

Provide podcast production services, create, edit and promote a podcast on all platforms so people who are interested in Leadership Development and Management can listen to Voices from the Middle from anywhere. The idea was to create a platform and build strong relationships with the guests on the podcast so they can share their stories and motivate people to develop in their careers.

The Client

Voices from the Middle is a podcast to have a conversation with people in mid-management working for globally recognized organizations discussing the importance of leadership & development.

The Business Challenge

The process of starting and developing a podcast takes time, but it’s worth the hard work. From finding equipment to set up space in order for you to create your logo; to having an idea behind what will be interviewed (and testing different ideas), all these things take commitment before even recording anything! However once they’re done with their initial research phase – there are still challenges ahead such as editing out any interruptions during recording sessions so that listeners can enjoy well-produced content without distractions–and promoting this new hobby outside social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook where people often discover podcasts through word of mouth. All of these were challenges of Voices from the Middle to start, develop and promote the podcast in order to meet with as many people as possible to share their stories.

The Results

Perfectly edited episodes to ensure listeners enjoy every minute of them and guests share their most interesting stories while continiosly promoting it with email marketing services and social media marketing services on all social media platforms with well-thought and strategized content. Voices from the Middle successfully launched and completed the first season of 15 episodes for a period of 9 months.


Minutes Listened


Interviewed Guests


Podcast Listens

What We Did

• Created a Brand New Website
Website Design
• Branding
• Recommended Equipment
• Podcast Production & Editing
• Deployment & Distribution
Email Marketing Campaigns
Social Media Marketing Management
Online Advertising
Content Creation
Landing Pages Development
Search Engine Optimization

The creator & producer of Voices from the Middle required podcast production services and support on how to start a podcast from start to finish. This is where we jumped in. Six Matics recommended the best equipment and consulted the client on a variety of questions to ask the interviewees to ensure that the client has short-form content to share across social media platforms, which contributed to almost 50K Views. With this, Six Matics needed to promote the podcast so we created consistent Email Marketing Campaigns which resulted in the continuous growth of their mailing list and later converted to listens. We created the website, found the best SEO strategy, and implemented it, and of course, we created a compelling social media marketing strategy to promote it.

What They Said

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5 Stars Review Clients Six Matics

Mind-blowing results and efficient work approach. Dylan from Sixmatics showed positive intention at the time of creating my website. He also helped me tremendously with my branding an social media. I am now getting compliments for my online presence.

M Friedman


5 Stars Review Clients Six Matics

Sixmatics is a one-stop-shop for all your website needs. We launched our 1st podcast and the help from Dylan has been invaluable. He created the strategy, recommended the best equipment, produced and edited each episode and promoted the podcast on social media.

B Ramirez

Voices from the Middle Podcast

5 Stars Review Clients Six Matics

Thanks so much! My website is now faster and people can find my business on Google. The SEO work done was great. SIxmatics also created over 5 articles for me which helped me to connect with my clients. People still talk about my articles. I really appreciate all your help.

L Harris


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